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How to change the hydraulic oil seal of a manual hydraulic forklift?

How to change the hydraulic oil seal of manual hydraulic forklift?

  1. Remove the hydraulic cylinder and pull out the piston cylinder.
  2. You will see that there is an oil seal inside. Use a screwdriver to lift out the old oil seal.
  3. Seal the new oil in. It should be noted here that summer is okay, and the oil seal will be stiff when it is too cold in winter. You need to heat it up and install it little by little.
  4. After the oil seal is finished, feel the smoothness with your hand, and after confirming that it is correct, put the piston rod back as it is.

Installation precautions
Before installation, the surface quality of the seal should be checked first, and there should be no burrs, burrs, cracks, or cut edges. Defects such as pores and porosity, the geometric dimensions and accuracy of the seals must meet the requirements of the standard.

  1. Check the relevant surfaces of the piston, cylinder and installation guide sleeve. The full bag is clean, without burrs, and without edges.
  2. The installation tools must be smooth, without edges and sharp corners, to ensure that the seal will not cause any form of damage during the installation process (It is recommended to use OTH-0003 special installation tools for hydraulic seals).
  3. During installation, a small amount of grease can be shown on the seals and the relevant surface of the cylinder to facilitate installation. However, no residual grease is allowed between the rubber elastomer and the sliding seal ring, otherwise the sealing performance will be affected.
  4. Regardless of the vertical or horizontal installation, the cordiality of the piston and the cylinder should be maintained. Excessive eccentricity is likely to damage the seal.
  5. The installation speed should not be too fast, or the seal will be damaged.

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