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What causes the drop during hoisting with chain hoist?

During the lifting process of chain hoists, the drop of the lifted object always cause serious consequences. The operator must be very careful to prevent the drop from occurring.

First of all, the large swing. When using a hoist, the operator’s speed is too fast or suddenly and slowly, causing the goods to swing from one side to the other. If the swing amplitude is too large, the chain or the hooks may break, and the goods fall.
Second, overloading. Chain hoists are used to lift unknown heavy goods. Overloading causes the chain or wire rope break and the goods fall.
Third, collisions. Some debris ware stored on the construction site, and collisions occurred during the lifting process, and the cargo crashed and shattered.
Fourth, the parts damaged or separated. Due to improper maintenance and other reasons, the hook was cracked and the cargo fell off during operation.
Fifth, irresistible factors, such as weather, snow, rain and other goods caused by accidental drops.

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