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What is the difference between round and triangle chain hoist?

There are round chain hoists and triangular chain hoists on the market. In addition to the differences in shape, what are the performance differences?

The round chain hoist adopts the fixing method of the round shell. The screw is directly welded on the shell, and then fixed to the wall plate with screws. The disadvantage of this method is that the screw can be easily welded, and the shell cannot be protected after welding. Internal parts. The triangular chain hoist improves the fixing method of the shell and the wall plate, and the hole is directly connected to the wall plate with a high-strength screw in the shell to make it more compact.

The difference between a round chain hoist and a triangle chain hoist is that the shell of the round shell chain hoist is thin and easily deformed, and there is a large gap between the internal parts of the chain hoist, and it is easy to enter the soil or foreign bodies. Due to structural defects, the parts will loosen and fall off. It directly affects the safety performance and service life of chain hoists.

The triangular chain hoist has made a great improvement on the basis of the round shell chain hoist. The shell is designed according to the shape of the “outer wall plate”, so that the shell and internal parts are more compact and the gap is smaller. The body is in close contact with the internal parts, so that the shell has a supporting force without deformation, and the internal parts are not damaged.

Nevertheless, it is not to say that round chain hoists have no advantages. In comparison, round chain hoists have lower costs and more reasonable prices, which meets the needs of most people, and also meets the requirements of most chain hoists. place. If there is no special demand, both round hoist and triangular hoist can be selected

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