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Manual 2500kg gs hand pallet trucks

Product Description

-Load capacity 2000kg/2500kg/3000kg

-High quality hydraulic lifting cylinder is durable, reliable.

-No oil leakage.

-Easy handling & easy lifting.

-Baked enamel Coating.

-With an overload relief value to avoid misuse due to over Loading.

-Steer and fork wheels are made by steel and covered by Polyurethane.

Manual pallet trucks, also known as manual pallet trucks, carry pallet trucks when in use
The cargo is forked into the tray hole and pallet by the ability to drive the hydraulic system
Lift and drop and handle the operation manually.
It is the simplest and most efficient pallet in transportation and the most common type of loading.
And unloading, handling tools, widely used in logistics, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools,
Shopping center, airport, stadium, station, airport, etc.

Heavy duty hand pallet truck

1.Load-in/lead-out rollers under the fork tips enable pallets to be entered any kind of pallet
2.No routine maintenance at all is needed on the hydraulics unit and bearings
3.Important seals made in Germany, which prolong the working time of hydraulic unit

4. Specially designed to lift and transport the widest variety ofloads in stores and warehouse


1.Key components of the fully sealed oil pump are from Germany, solving the oil leakage problem.

2.the soild chromeplated piston rod has overloading protection, which can control the descent speed.

3.Valve plug is an integral piece, easy to maintain.

4.Movement parts of our hand pallet truck are applied with alloy bush, which is wear resistant and easy to replace.


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