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How to choose spark plugs?

Spark plugs, seemingly inconspicuous small parts, but its role is very large, it is a wearing part and needs to be replaced regularly. Due to cost control issues, automakers may not choose the spark plugs with the best performance, but just to ensure the normal use of the vehicle. When the vehicle enters the maintenance phase, it is necessary to choose a new spark plug.

First, the material of the electrode determines the service life of the spark plug
Spark plug electrode materials are divided into many types, and electrode materials of different materials determine the life of the spark plug.
Common materials are nickel alloy, silver alloy, platinum, iridium, iridium platinum, and so on. The corresponding service life is: nickel alloy 2-3 life 10,000 kilometers, the performance of this spark plug is general, more ordinary, and the price is low. Platinum spark plugs can be replaced for 3-5 kilometers, double platinum for 80,000 kilometers, iridium spark plugs can be used for about 100,000 kilometers.

Second, how to choose a spark plug

  1. Select a spark plug according to the engine model. Each engine model is different, and the matching spark plug is different. When purchasing a spark plug, pay attention to the size and model of the spark plug.
  2. Select the corresponding spark plug according to the engine power. Different speeds, different powers, and different compression ratios are suitable for the selection of spark plugs.

Third, the replacement cycle of the spark plug
The mileage is a reference, and the other is that if it is found that the engine has a fire shortage and leakage, it may be time to replace the spark plug. Engine knock, increased carbon deposits, and increased fuel consumption may also cause spark plug problems.

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