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Standard spark plug

Standard spark plug has the insulator skirt slightly retracted into the end face of the case, and the side electrode is the most widely used outside the end face of the case.


Nickel Alloy / Silver alloy / platinum alloy


Size:Standard size
Warranty:30000-50000 km


Standard spark plug has the insulator skirt slightly retracted into the end face of the case, and the side electrode is the most widely used outside the end face of the case.


1.Terminal nut: Using industry standards screw cap, high marginal adaptation andincrease tightness with ignition system.

2.Insulator: Used by high aluminum alloy ceramics, alumina content 90%, have reliable leakproofness, durableness and heat resistance.

3.Bolt: Mi10 riveting screw steel, pass tensile test.

4.Underglaze color smooth surface durable printing fluently front.

5.Housing: Using by new manufacturing techinique, high precision, highantioxidation and pass endurance test to ensure durability.

6.Housing carving: Rolling carving, clear and balance carving with delicate font.

7.Electrode: Nickel alloy/Iridium/Platinum, long service life: Pass the ignitability and durability test, is high performance cost ratio spark plug.

Function and benefits

The standard spark plug is a single-side electrode spark plug with the skirt end of the insulator slightly lower than the threaded end face of the housing. It uses the traditional firing end structure with the most widely used side valve engine. To distinguish it from the “prominent type” that came later, this structure is called the “standard type”.

Spark plug, commonly known as the fire mouth, its function is to discharge the pulsed high voltage electricity sent by the high-voltage wire (fire mouth line), penetrate the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, and generate an electric spark to ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder. The main types are: quasi-type spark plugs, edge-body protruding type spark plugs, electrode type spark plugs, seat type spark plugs, pole type spark plugs, surface flashover type spark plugs, etc.

The spark plug is installed on the side or top of the engine. Early spark plugs were connected to the distributor by the cylinder line. In the past ten years, the engine on the car has basically been changed to the ignition coil directly connected to the spark plug. The working voltage of the spark plug is at least 10000V. The high-voltage electricity is generated by 12V electricity from the ignition coil and then passed to the spark plug.

1. Steel shell: The lower part of the steel shell is a thin thread for fitting with the cylinder head spark plug hole, and the upper part has an external hexagon nut for the spark plug sleeve to tighten or unscrew the spark plug.
2. The metal rod is the center electrode. The lower end of the metal rod is in contact with the upper end of the center electrode through a conductive glass body.
3. There is a high alumina ceramic insulator between the steel casing and the center electrode, so that the center electrode is insulated when the power is applied.
4. The lower part of the steel case is equipped with a curved side electrode.
5. There is a copper washer in the middle of the outer part of the steel shell.

Applicable models

Car Model:Auto Cars





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