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Can lithium batteries be used as starter batteries for cars?

Lithium batteries can be used not only as starter batteries for automobiles, but also have many advantages.
Generally, the starting batteries for automobiles are mainly lead-acid batteries. Some good lead-acid batteries can be used for two or three years, and worse, and some of them will break even if they are not used for a year. And the most serious lead-acid material contained in it will cause serious pollution to the human body and the environment. Car starter batteries made of lithium iron materials not only have no pollution problems, but also have the following advantages that lead-acid batteries lack:

Easy to use

  1. Lithium batteries do not need to add water, and basically does not need to be charged before use.
  2. Lithium batteries are made of high-end materials, no fire, no explosion, no liquid spill.
  3. Lithium batteries have a smart switch design. Turn off the power before installation to prevent short circuits during installation.
  4. Lithium batteries shell uses ABS material to ensure normal work in high and low-temperature environments, and the shell design is waterproof.

Using lithium batteries can save more than 5% of fuel on gasoline vehicles. Because the lead-acid battery will reduce the voltage as the capacity decreases, the voltage of the lithium-ion battery is very stable (13.2V). It can always maintain a higher and more stable voltage, and the ignition of the spark plug has always maintained the best condition, so that when the car is running at high speed, the gasoline in each cylinder can be completely burned, the horsepower is increased, and of course, it is more fuel-efficient.

Long service life
This is the characteristic of lithium-ion batteries, and it is not easy to age. After 2,000 times of repeated charge and discharge, the capacitance decay rate is only 15%. In other words, if it is used in a normal environment, it will be fine for 10 years. The ordinary lead-acid battery is charged and discharged about 300 times.

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