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Why the electric hoist does not work when the start switch is pressed?

  1. The power supply system does not input electricity to the electric hoist, you can use a test pencil to test it; the solution is to operate the electric hoist after supplying power.
  2. The electrical equipment of the main and control circuits of the hoist is damaged, the line is disconnected or the contact is bad.
    Solution: The main and control circuits need to be repaired. During the maintenance, in order to prevent the motor from being burnt or the hoist motor to be powered on suddenly, be sure to disconnect the power supply to the main and control circuits and then power the start and stop switches. Analyze the working conditions of the line, repair the faulty electrical components or lines, and confirm that they are correct before re-testing;
  3. The hoist motor terminal voltage is more than 10% lower than the rated voltage, which makes the hoist unable to lift the cargo and cannot work.
    Solution: Use a multimeter or voltmeter to measure the voltage at the motor input. Make sure that the motor cannot start because the voltage is too low. Wait until the system voltage returns to normal before using.

Sometimes, the voltage of the hoist motor is normal, but the electric hoist does not work, there may be other reasons, such as: the motor is burned, the brake wheels are rusted, and the motor does not rotate.
In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use electric hoist for overloading. When the cargo is overloaded, the hoist can’t lift the cargo, the motor only sounds and does not run. In serious cases, it will burn the motor and even cause an accident. Then stop the machine immediately to reduce the cargo; Hoist works at rated power.

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