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How to solve the problem that the manual hydraulic stacker does not rise?

(1) Manual hydraulic stacker should be used on hard and flat roads to prevent collision with steel plates, angles, and other objects that damage the wheels. It does not need to hit the cargo stack with the fork, during the lifting of the cargo, no people are allowed nearby, and the goods should be lowered during maintenance and adjustment.
 (2) The fork of the stacker truck should not carry people. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the fork. When carrying the goods, the height of the fork from the ground should not be higher than 300mm. The fork is stressed and the position of the center of gravity of the cargo is strictly controlled.
 (3) When using the hydraulic stacker to operate on other occasions or conditions, the operator should operate correctly and be careful.
 (4) The faults and troubleshooting of manual hydraulic stackers are related to the conditions that the stacker can continue to operate. The following is the analysis and troubleshooting method of manual hydraulic pressure on the stacker that does not rise.

Cause analysis:
⑴ The working oil is too viscous or not filled with working oil.
Impurities in the working oil make the oil inlet valve not closed tightly.
⑶ The oil drain valve, unloading handle, and tension spring do not work; it is not in the lowest closed position or other debris is stuck.
The positions of the unloading handle and drain valve are not adjusted properly.
Change working oil or fill working oil according to the specified amount.
Remove impurities or change working oil.
Check whether the tension spring is correct, and the unloading handle is adjusted to the lowest closed position to eliminate impurities.
Readjust the position of the unloading tie rod nut.

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