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How to use a car wiper correctly

(1) The key to the good function of the wiper is that the rubber wiper strip can maintain sufficient wetness. Only with sufficient wetness can it have very good toughness to maintain tightness in contact with the window glass.

(2) Therefore, those without a garage should develop the habit of wiping the front window before using the car. Over night, the wiper is dry, we should clean the ash accumulated on the front window before using the car.

(3) Those who have a garage should get into the habit of clearing the front window when returning to the garage every night. Especially after coming back from the rain, the water droplets accumulated on the front window, after drying in the morning to become water stains, and then participating in the dust absorbed in it, the front window is difficult to clean by rain.

(4) Don’t rush to open the wiper when drizzling during driving. At this time, the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper wipes dry, which will only have the opposite effect. Scratched mud stains on the front window are still difficult to clean. If the raindrops accumulate slowly and do not affect the sight, it is best to wait for more raindrops on the front window before starting the wiper to ensure that there is enough water on the front window to moisten the wiper.

(5) It is best to use the second gear for continuous wiper instead of intermittent mode. The intermittent mode can easily scratch the front window into a muddy pattern, affecting the sight.

(6) The rain stopped on the road, don’t rush to close the wiper, the reason is the same as above.

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