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Off-road tires

Off-road tires are tires suitable for driving in the wild, usually including road tires, all-terrain tires, mud tires, etc.


Pattern:mud terrain


Off-road tires are tires suitable for driving in the wild, usually including road tires, all-terrain tires, mud tires, etc.


1) Suitable for city and good road both for all season use.

2) Good ground grasping capability, on snow and miry road.

3) Low noise suitable for high speeding .

4) Low abrasion for longer mileage.

Function and role

Road tire
Road tires are referred to as HT. Generally speaking, when off-road vehicles leave the factory, new road vehicles are usually equipped with neutral road pattern tires, which are mainly used for road driving. The characteristics are relatively soft tire walls and fine tread patterns.

All terrain tire
The English name of terrain tyre is ALL TERRAIN, which is generally referred to as AT tyre in China. The design of all-terrain tires is more compatible than road tires. The design of all-terrain tires is rougher, and the distance between the tire teeth is slightly larger than that of road tires. The negative effect of this design is that road performance is reduced and noise is increased, Durability and adhesion on non-paved roads are stronger than road tires, and tires with both off-road and road performance. For those who usually use the car as a means of transportation and occasionally go out and scatter the wild, AT tires are a good choice.
At the same time, there is a big difference between AT tires. AT tires are the most complicated of off-road tires. These tires focus on sandy off-road, some focus on road driving, and also focus on mud driving. In short, the more the rubber on the ground, the better the handling of the road; the less the pattern on the ground, and the deeper the groove, the better the off-road performance.

Mud tire
Mud tires are referred to as MT (Mud-Terrain) tires, which are generally only used by off-road enthusiasts and workers on special sections. It is the opposite of highway (HT) tires. MT tires have hard walls, exaggerated tire teeth, and the distance between the tire teeth is obviously too large. It is easy to drain mud or throw mud at high speeds when driving on muddy soils. It is easier to increase adhesion, such as uneven rocky ground. MT tires are very noisy when driving on the road, and when the speed is lower than 10km / h, the vibration of the tire teeth will be felt. Braking and steering performance are much worse than HT tires, and rainy pavement is more likely to get out of control.
But as soon as it reaches the non-paved ground, it can bring you excellent grip, especially in difficult terrain, which is not easy to damage, and will give you a strong confidence. There may also be people who think that MT tires must also perform well in rainy weather. Wrong, MT tires are just like their name MUD—Muddy. It is heavily biased towards muddy ground, which means that it is used in the dry north in most seasons MT tires need calm consideration. If you choose MT tires, less ground rubber will accelerate tire wear, and you will sacrifice a lot of road performance.

Snow tire
Tires suitable for snowy days. Rubber tires have metal nails to increase grip. In colder and snowy places, people will use this type of tire in winter, such as Russia.
It is best to use snow tires when driving on snowy roads. The tread of snow tires has more fine lines to enhance grip.
Compared with ordinary tires, snow tires have a special formula to increase friction with snow and ice roads. Its advantage is that it improves the passability and safety of snow and ice roads. The material of the snow tire tread is softer, and the carefully formulated silicon dioxide rubber compound can contact the smooth ice surface more closely, which produces greater friction than the four season tires, making the vehicle’s handling on the smooth ice surface And safety is greatly improved. When the temperature is lower than 10 ° C, the surface of the snow tire becomes softer, thereby obtaining better grip. Ordinary tires are just the opposite, the colder and harder.

Rainforest tire
Commonly known as flat tire, most of the candidates are used in various types of muddy events. The tire teeth of the rainforest tire are exaggerated. Jokingly, rolling is almost its only function on the road, but in the mud it is a master of indifference and its performance is much better than ordinary mud tires. Although there are few people using rainforest tires, off-road fans are always talking about it.


1.Highway tires

All-terrain tires

3. Mud tires

In addition to the above three common off-road tires, there are some more professional but rare tire types, such as: snow tires, rain forest tires, rock climbing tires, desert tires, etc.





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