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Spare tire


Tire Design:Radial
Material:Natural Rubber


Spare tire refers to the spare tire of a car, and its specifications will be the same as the original car tire specifications. However, in some cars, in order to remind the owner to check and replace the faulty tires in time, special color rim spare tires, small spare tires, folded spare tires, zero-pressure continuous tires, etc.


* Five -pitch 3D noise-free technology disturbs resonance to achieve tire mute.

* Finely-divided tread pattern , corresponding to each division of the steel ,ensures fantastic ground grasping performance in wetlands and improves driving safety.

* Four linear grooves ensures superior drainning performance.

* Formulation with silicon optimizes tread stiffness , provides splendid wear resistance and lowers rolling resistance.

Function and role

Small spare tires, folded spare tires, and zero-pressure continuous tires also play a role in saving storage space in the car. The maximum speed when using a spare tire is lower than the standard tire, and it should be replaced with the standard tire in time after reaching the destination


Spare tires should not be involved in tire adjustment
In the specialty store, there are strict requirements for the replacement and use of original tires, and spare tires are even more inappropriate to participate in tire adjustment. The tire adjustment of the tire itself is to weigh the wear of different parts, and the left and right tire adjustment has not been advocated. The front and rear tire adjustment also has the problem of different wear. Spare tires have different wear and tear, and participating in tire adjustment will increase safety risks.

Spare tires are not tires that have been used for a long time, and there are inherent safety risks. Spare tires are actually used for emergency purposes, not long-term tires. Regardless of whether the spare tire is wide or narrow, the manufacturer has special production and use requirements. Spare tires do not hang on the car for a long time and are not worn. Therefore, a tire that is not worn is not the same as a worn out tire. There is a certain safety hazard in using a spare tire in the car itself.

In the process of use, the user cannot replace the original tire with a spare tire after the car has run for several kilometers. Because spare tires and original tires are produced at different times, tires are ageing, hardened, life spanned, and deformed, so long-term use is not safe. Spare tires should be replaced with original tires immediately after emergency use.

The high air pressure of the spare tire needs to be adjusted during use
Ordinary low-pressure tires have a tire pressure between 2 and 2.2 “air pressure”, while spare tires have a pressure between 2.7 and 3.2 “air pressure”. High-pressure spare tires are designed to ensure the shape, and the second is to reduce the probability of tire bursts at high speeds, but not for long periods of time and at high speeds. After replacing the spare tire, the owner should find a professional to adjust the tire pressure in time to adjust the air pressure to a safe state (about 2.7 MPa).


1. Full-size spare tires: The specifications of full-size spare tires are exactly the same as those of the other four tires of the original car, and they can be replaced by any tire that is temporarily or can no longer be used.

2. Non-full-size spare tires: The tire diameter and width of this spare tire are slightly smaller than the other four tires, so they can only be used as temporary replacements, and they can only be used for non-driving wheels, and the maximum speed cannot exceed 80km / h.

3. Zero-pressure tires: Zero-pressure tires are also called run-flat tires, which is what we commonly call “explosion-proof tires”. The industry literally translates as “flat tires”. Compared with ordinary tires, after being punctured, zero-pressure tires do not leak or are very slow. They can maintain the driving contour and the bead can be fixed on the rim at all times, thereby ensuring the car to be stable for a long time or temporarily Drive to the service station. Therefore, cars equipped with such tires no longer need to carry spare tires, so that the spare tires are hidden invisibly on the 4 tires in another way.





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