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Series reactor

The non-linear current generated by the extensive use of modern power electronic equipment, the generated harmonics affect the power grid and increase grid pollution, and cause serious interference from capacitors, transformers and transmission equipment. Resonance and voltage distortion will also cause power supply accidents. The role of series reactor is to improve and avoid the harm of harmonic current.


Altitude lower than 2 km.
Operating temperature-25 ~ +45.
Relative humidity less than 90%.
Use Environment
No harmful gas. No inflammables and explosives. Well ventilated environment. If in cabinet, must have ventilating device.


The detuning reactor is also called a series reactor, which is used for reactive power compensation. It is generally used in series with a capacitor. It is capacitive at the power frequency to prevent parallel resonance and non-amplified harmonic currents. Limit closing inrush current, improve system power factor, prevent damage caused by harmonic capacitors, and avoid excessive amplification and resonance of grid harmonics caused by the connection of capacitor devices.


1.We value high-quality materials, formulation science, the use of advanced production and testing equipment according to strict technics.

2.The reactor core with high-quality silicon steel sheet, end face with good-quality silicon gel, which greatly reduces operation noise(45 db).

3.High Temperature tolerance (grade H).

Function and role

1. Can be used in 400V, 660V systems;

2. Type of reactance rate: 1%, 6%, 12%;

3. Rated insulation level: 3KV / min;

4. Temperature rise limit of each part of the reactor: iron core does not exceed 85K, coil temperature rise does not exceed 95K;

5. Reactor noise is not greater than 45dB;

6. The reactor can run for a long time under the power frequency plus harmonic current not more than 1.35 times the rated current;

7. Reactance linearity: the ratio of the reactance at 1.8 times the rated current to the reactance at the rated current is not less than 0.95;

8. The difference between any two-phase reactance value of the series reactor is not more than ± 3%;

9. The temperature resistance level is above H level (180 ℃).

10. Detuning reactor has low loss and high anti-harmonic ability. High linearity to avoid electromagnetic saturation during overload, low noise, easy installation, environmental protection characteristics, long service life, and temperature control protection.

11. The core of the reactor is made of high-quality cold-rolled low-loss silicon steel sheet, and the core post adopts multi-distributed breath to reduce magnetic leakage and loss.

12. The coil is wound with high-quality DuPont Nomex paper-coated copper wire. It has a high temperature resistance level and good insulation strength. It is neatly arranged during winding, and the appearance is not only beautiful but also good heat dissipation.

13. After the coil and iron core of the reactor are assembled into one body, go through pre-baking to remove moisture → vacuum impregnation → high temperature curing → modify this process, using H-level dipping paint to make the coil and iron core of the reactor firmly integrated , Not only greatly reduces the noise during operation, but also has a very high heat resistance level, which can ensure that the reactor can also run safely and quietly at high temperatures.

14. The core of the reactor uses a non-magnetic material to fix the core to ensure that the reactor has a high quality factor and a low temperature rise.


Iron core
(1) The material of the iron core is high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet coated with mineral oxide;
(2) The iron core pillars are vacuum-casted with epoxy resin, so that the air gap between the iron discs is closed by epoxy resin on the surface of the iron core pillars to form a resin layer, which effectively reduces the vibration between the iron core discs, thereby reducing noise. At the same time, the insulation strength of the iron core and the coil is enhanced;
(3) The surface of the iron core is coated with F-grade epoxy resin to take anti-corrosion measures to avoid rust.

(1) The coil is an epoxy vacuum casting coil. The inner and outer coils of the coil are reinforced with epoxy glass grid cloth, and the high-voltage series reactor is cast under vacuum using an F-grade epoxy casting system. The coil not only has good insulation performance, but also has high mechanical strength, and can withstand current shock and cooling shock without cracking;
(2) The epoxy casting coil does not absorb water, has good moisture resistance, low partial discharge, and can be safely operated under severe environmental conditions.

3. Assembly
(1) The core end is made of high-quality silicon steel segment surface glue, which firmly combines the core post with the iron pestle, which greatly reduces the noise during operation;
(2) The high-voltage series reactor uses an advanced pre-assembly system to detect the assembly results during assembly;
(3) Advanced vibration and noise reduction structure system, including: strong compression of the upper and lower clamps, an elastic rubber pad between the clamp and the coil, and an elastic rubber pad between the clamp and the seat.





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