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Magnetically controlled reactors

The magnetically controlled reactor is used for reactive power compensation, which can smoothly adjust the reactive power of the output, and has more functions than ordinary reactive power compensation equipment.


The full name of the magnetically controlled reactor is a magnetic valve-type controllable reactor, referred to as MCR, which is a shunt reactor with adjustable capacity, which is mainly used for reactive power compensation in power systems.


1.Used for the transmission and distribution network, to the system carry on a fast dynamic state without the achievement compensate, lower circuit to exhaust, Improve the stability of power supply system.

2.Repressing the system conducts electricity to press and improves its dynamic state characteristic.

3.Repressing harmonic wave to reduce endanger that resulted in, improve electric power quality,

4.Repressing the electric flicker, stabilizing system electric voltage.

Regulate to have no quickly achievement, Improve the exaltation power factor of burden.

Function and role

On the grid
(1) Increasing the power factor and reducing network loss can make the power factor meet the requirements of 0.9-0.99.

(2) Damping system oscillations, increasing damping limits, and improving transmission line transmission capabilities

(3) Improve the voltage stability of the power grid.

For users
(1) Stabilize the terminal voltage (to prevent the voltage from being too high or too low), and improve the life of transformers and transmission lines and other electrical equipment.

(2) Eliminate harmonic pollution, improve system safety factor, extend equipment life and reduce system loss.

(3) Reduce the impact of local power grids such as asynchronous motor startup and electric arc furnace operation, and improve system safety, especially for weak power grids.

(4) Elimination of voltage flicker, an algorithm specifically designed for flicker reduces voltage flicker to a minimum level and improves user power quality.

(5) Expansion. Installing dynamic reactive power compensation devices on many occasions can achieve expansion of 1.2-1.5 times, which greatly saves the cost of expansion.

(6) Increase the power factor. It can make the power factor meet the requirements of 0.9-0.99, reduce network loss, reduce reactive power loss, save electricity costs, and is suitable for users with huge power network losses.


The DC magnetic flux generated by the control current saturates the working iron core post, and the equivalent capacity of the controllable reactor increases. Adjusting the trigger delay angle of the thyristor can change the magnetic saturation of the iron core, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling the reactor capacity.


Electrified railway, metallurgy





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