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Closed inflatable smart contactor

The airtight inflatable wide voltage smart contactor not only has a compact structure and small volume, but also has a complete motor protection function, and has a high breaking index, complete specifications, and excellent cost performance. It is an ideal product for the replacement of low-voltage electrical appliances.


The airtight intelligent AC contactor is mainly used for AC 50HZ and 60HZ, rated voltage 400V (380V) and 690V (660V), rated current in the 20A-630A circuit, for remote connection and disconnection of the circuit. It can also replace thermal overload relays and motor protectors, and separately constitute electromagnetic starters and electromagnetic overload switches to protect circuits that may be overloaded.


The airtight inflatable wide voltage smart contactor is a patented technology that fills the domestic technological gap and is in a leading position in the world. This technology has unique advantages such as novelty, safety, and ease of use (no need for motor protectors and thermal relays).


Fully enclosed
The arc-extinguishing chamber adopts a fully enclosed inflation process, and the main and auxiliary contact bridges and the movable iron core are enclosed in the cavity. This not only greatly improves the arc extinguishing performance of the product, but also isolates the ignition of the external combustible gas caused by the electric spark generated when the contact bridge is released. It is more unique when used in places where corrosive gas and high dust may be generated.

intelligent control
This series of contactors has the functions of a motor comprehensive protector: phase loss, wire break, thermal overload, inverse time overcurrent, locked rotor, and three-phase current imbalance. In addition, Z-2 series also has functions such as delayed start, direct start and stop of the machine, motor winding protection, etc., which can protect the equipment to work in the best protection state. The time limit and current can be arbitrarily set.

Wide voltage
Wide voltage series products, the coil can be reliably attracted in the range of 70% -130% Us.

Energy saving and environmental protection
In terms of electromagnetic pull-in, the energy-saving method of high current pull-in and small current maintenance is adopted. The pull-in coil is DC, without AC vibration and noise. The loop is a capacitive load and has a compensation effect on the power grid.

Function and role

This type of contactor is a closed electromagnetic direct-acting structure. The electromagnetic system is completely enclosed in a sealed cavity, which is filled with special gas. The action process only acts through the magnetic field and the cavity, completely overcoming the physical connection caused by the use of bellows The folding loss, the mechanical life of the contactor is greatly improved. The electromagnetic mechanical system and the electronic control system are combined in a cavity, and all the protection control wires are completed in the cavity at one time. There is no need to connect any control wires to have the protection function when used.





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