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Rubber Masterbatches

Rubber Masterbatches is a newly developed colorimetric powder, color masterbatch, color masterbatch, which is more convenient and effective to use.


Rubber masterbatch is a new type of pigment used in rubber products and pigments in the rubber industry.

Rubber Masterbatches use SBR as a carrier, and the pigment content can reach more than 50%. After special processing technology, it has obtained excellent dispersion.


1. It is more convenient to take and weigh.
2. Good dispersibility, easy to reduce the color difference and control the color stability, make the product increase the added value.
3, easy to disperse, can save operating time, about 1/3 man-hour of toner.
4. It does not scatter during operation, reduces loss, does not pollute the factory building, and does not easily cause color difference.
5, can implement the specified color mixing and matching.
6. The product has bright colors and strong stability.



Rubber Masterbatches are widely used in rubber products, rubber stretch balls, rubber floors, EVA foam, such as rubber outsoles, EVA midsoles, rubber pads, rubber ball rubber gifts, rubber stamps, rubber toys, and so on.

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