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EPDM has excellent aging resistance such as ozone resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance. It can be widely used in automotive parts, waterproof materials for construction, wire and cable jackets, heat resistant hoses, tapes, automotive seals and other fields.


EPDM rubber is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene, and a small amount of non-conjugated diene. It is a type of ethylene-propylene rubber and is represented by EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer).

Because the main chain is composed of chemically stable saturated hydrocarbons, only unsaturated double bonds are contained in the side chain.


Compared with other commonly used general or special rubbers, the main performance advantages of EPDM rubber are as follows:

(1) High cost performance. The raw rubber density is only 0.86 ~ 0.90g / cm3, which is the most commonly used rubber with the lowest raw rubber density. It can be filled in large quantities to reduce the cost of rubber.

(2) Excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, sunlight resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, water vapor resistance, ultraviolet resistance, radiation resistance and other aging properties, and other unsaturated diene rubbers such as NR, SBR, When used in combination with BR, NBR, and CR, EPDM can act as a polymer antioxidant or antioxidant.

(3) Excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, detergent, animal and vegetable oils, alcohols, ketones, etc .; outstanding resistance to water, hot water, water vapor; polar oil resistance.

(4) Excellent insulation performance, volume resistivity 1016Q · cm, breakdown voltage 30 ~ 40MV / m, dielectric constant (1kHz, 20 ℃) 2.27.

(5) The applicable temperature range is wide, the minimum use temperature is -40 ~ -60 ℃, and it can be used at 130 ℃ for a long time.



EPDM is widely used in automotive parts, building waterproofing materials, wire and cable jackets, heat-resistant hoses, tapes, automotive seals and other fields.

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