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Latex Rubber

Latex Rubber refers generally to a colloidal emulsion in which polymer particles are dispersed in water. It is customary to call an aqueous dispersion of rubber particles a latex; an aqueous dispersion of resin particles is an emulsion. Latex products processed with latex as raw materials, also known as latex products, such as sponges, gloves, toys, hoses, etc., are widely used in daily life.


Latex Rubber is a general term for colloidal emulsions in which polymer particles are dispersed in water. The water dispersion system of rubber particles is generally called a latex; the water dispersion system of resin particles is called an emulsion.


Excellent elasticity, no deformation, washable and durable. It is a healthy and good material; the only small disadvantage is that it cannot be exposed to the sun. UV rays can change the latex material into a powder, but it is a very environmentally friendly good material when discarded.



Latex Rubber can be directly used as surface coating, manufacturing films and adhesives, etc. After processing, it can be made into raw rubber and latex products (such as sponges, gloves, balloons, medical hoses, etc.), which are widely used in daily life. Can be divided into three types of natural latex, synthetic latex and artificial latex.

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