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Composite Pipes

There are many types of plastic composite pipes, which can be plastic + plastic, or plastic + metal layers.


Metal composite pipe is a pipe based on the composite structure of metal and thermoplastic plastic. It is lined with non-metal materials such as plastic polypropylene, polyethylene or outer welded cross-linked polyethylene. It has the advantages of metal pipes and non-metal pipes.

Polyethylene composite pipe refers to two kinds of polyethylene resins with different densities, which are plasticized and melted by two extruders at the same time, and then the molten material is simultaneously squeezed into a mold capable of forming a composite pipe. Vinyl composite pipe.


Polyethylene composite pipe can be extruded and compounded with a variety of plastics. Pipes formed by compounding high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene have the characteristics of two raw materials. Its pressure resistance and corrosion resistance are better than ordinary polyethylene pipes. it is good.

The aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a five-layer pipe made of a welded aluminum alloy in the middle, a layer of polyethylene on the inside and outside, and a glued layer. It has the advantages of good corrosion resistance of polyethylene plastic pipes and high pressure resistance of metal pipes. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is divided into two types according to different polyethylene materials: cross-linked polyethylene aluminum-plastic composite pipe suitable for hot water and high-density polyethylene aluminum-plastic composite pipe suitable for cold water.

Steel-plastic composite pipe is based on seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe as the inner wall of high-adhesion, anti-corrosion, food-grade sanitary polyethylene powder coating or epoxy coating. There are also steel-plastic composite pipes made of UPVC plastic with a certain thickness on the inner wall of galvanized pipes. They use preheating or internal coating and leveling processes, and use the internal or resin coating process to inherit the steel pipe’s rigid support capacity and plastic pipes. Health capacity.

The outer tube of aluminum alloy plastic-lined composite pipe is an aluminum alloy tube, and the inner tube is a thermoplastic tube.

Plastic-coated steel pipes are made by melting a layer of polyethylene PE resin, ethylene-acrylic copolymer EAA, epoxy EP powder, non-toxic polypropylene PP, or non-toxic polyvinyl chloride PVC on the inner wall of the steel pipe. The inner-coated plastic composite steel pipe made by preheating the interior or internal coating leveling process, in this way, retains the high strength of the steel pipe, resistance to water flow impact, and effectively alleviates the shortcomings of the steel pipe, such as easy corrosion, pollution, and poor fire performance when it encounters water. There are also steel composite pipes made of galvanized water for the above methods, which can be called upgraded products of traditional galvanized pipes.

Steel frame PE pipe is a double-sided anti-corrosion pressure pipe with continuous high-quality low-carbon steel wire as the reinforcing phase and high-density polyethylene as the matrix. The steel wire skeleton was developed on the basis of perforated steel strip steel-plastic pipes. As the perforated steel strip has lost its high pressure resistance and oxygen barrier performance, it only plays a part of the pressure bearing role, and the steel strip is formed and butt welded. It is a difficult craft. Wrapping a braided steel wire around the pipe wall can also play a role in bearing pressure, and a steel-frame steel-plastic pipe appears. The performance of this pipe is basically similar to that of steel mesh steel-steel plastic pipe.



In industrial and mining enterprises, polyethylene composite pipes can be used in place of steel pipes, which are used for pipelines with corrosive media such as oil and gas, or for mine ventilation pipes.

Steel wire mesh plastic composite pipeline is a new type of pipeline with excellent performance, which is widely used in various fields such as oil fields, power plants, chemical and petrochemical enterprises, water companies, municipal gas, and seawater pipelines.

Aluminum-plastic composite pipes are mainly used for water distribution pipes and water heater pipes in buildings.

Steel-plastic composite pipes are used in various fields such as oil and gas transportation, industrial and mining pipes, drainage pipes, cold water pipes, etc. These pipes can also be seen in building water supply.

Aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe is suitable for domestic hot and cold water pipes.

Steel skeleton pipes are mainly used in municipal, chemical and oil field pipeline networks.

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