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Wood Craft


In the broad sense, wooden crafts use all kinds of wood (including various bamboos) as the main raw materials, while narrow wooden crafts mainly use various kinds of wood as raw materials. They are made by machines, with pure hand-made, semi-machine and semi-hand-made. Fine workmanship, simple design, different styles, natural color and novelty.

Wooden crafts are different from general furniture. They are suitable for dampness and dryness. Therefore, wooden crafts are not particularly exposed to sunlight. Do not blow air conditioners on the furniture. Keep the indoor air dry in the three seasons of spring, autumn, and winter. Use a humidifier. Wet spray, indoor fish farming and flower farming can also regulate indoor air humidity.

Rosewood, pine, fir, camphor, sandalwood / sandalwood, tungwood, rosewood, peach, maple, birch, elm, boxwood, nanmu, alder


Furniture, lighting, ornaments, models, root carvings, study rooms, utensils, pen holders, combs, screens, doors, coat racks, coffee tables, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, wine racks, craft paintings, Buddha statues, pendants, etc.



Wooden crafts should be kept in a moderate amount. Store items in the cabinet, and do not exceed the door frame. If you often squeeze hard, it will cause the cabinet door to deform.的 The wooden boards of mahogany crafts are generally crisp, such as table tops and chairs. Always pay attention to prevent injuries and cracks. If the tenon is found at the place of force when using or moving, be sure to re-glue and seal before using.

In order to protect the paint film from being scratched and display the wood texture, the panels of wooden crafts are generally placed on the countertop with a thick glass plate, and the glass plate and the wooden countertop are separated by small suction pads. It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal plate.

Wooden crafts are generally used for a long time, so it is usually necessary to protect the furniture surface coatings, and it is best to wipe with a little wax every three months, not only to increase the aesthetics of the furniture, but also to protect the wood.

To keep wooden crafts tidy, clean the dust with clean gauze daily. Chemical brighteners should not be used to prevent the paint film from becoming sticky and damaged. In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture paint film, the walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and polished with three layers of gauze.

Prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvents from turning over. Otherwise it will cause “scars” on the furniture surface. When you encounter dirt on the furniture surface, wash it with mild soapy water, dry it, and wax it again to restore the original appearance, but do not wipe it with solvent liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, and turpentine, otherwise the surface will be wiped off Paint and varnish gloss.

Walnut oil for furniture maintenance is only suitable for unpainted and waxed furniture. The frequency of use should not be too high. Generally, it can be used once every 2-3 months. In a relatively dry environment, the maintenance interval can be shortened appropriately, and it should be maintained once a month or so. But be sure to pay attention to the amount when usually used. Oil has the property of vacuuming. Too much amount will make the dust adhere and produce a greasy feeling.

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