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The colors of photo frames are more and more dazzling, but as long as you follow a certain color matching principle, it is still easy to choose. Of course, color itself has no meaning, and some people just give it. But color can indeed affect people's psychology and affect people's emotions unknowingly, so some people add specific meanings to various colors.

Definitions and materials

It is similar to a square, with an empty interior, and the blank space just fits commonly used photos. It is mainly used to locate the four sides of a photo and enhance its beauty. It is also conducive to protecting the quality of the photo, such as a photo frame with glass, which can prevent the photo from discoloring and yellowing. It is a decorative item.

Classification & Application

Made of a variety of wood, commonly used tung wood, white wood, nanmu, pine, etc. The structure of modern and simple wooden frames on the market is mainly flat wood.

There are many types of plastic photo frames, such as PS foam, PVC, PP and other materials.
It is an organic substance. The weight is small, so it can be made into a large photo frame, which is convenient to carry. PS picture frame material is a kind of frame material that is heated and formed with PS filler at high temperature and then a film is attached to the surface. This material is light, has good toughness, is slightly inferior in strength, and is easy to break. Be careful when you transport it. PVC and PP materials are a kind of mold molding. This material is lighter, tougher and stronger than PS. Many styles and processes cannot be achieved by PS, and the price is relatively lower than PS. Plastic photo frames have also gradually changed from a single photo frame to a one-piece design, that is, a one-piece design. One-piece photo frames: meaning one, not one frame at a time.

Digital category
A digital photo frame is a photo frame that displays digital photos instead of paper photos. Digital photography will inevitably promote the development of digital photo frames, as less than 35% of digital photos are printed worldwide. Digital photo frames are usually inserted directly into the camera’s memory card to display photos. Of course, more digital photo frames will provide internal storage space for external memory card functions. A digital photo frame is a photo frame, but it is no longer displayed in the form of photos. Instead, it is displayed on an LCD screen. It can obtain photos from the SD card through the card reader interface and set the cycle display mode. Ordinary photo frames are more flexible, giving digital photos a new display space.

Glass photo frame refers to a photo frame made of glass. The frame is a whole glass that has been cut, carved, sandblasted, trimmed, painted, polished and other processes. It’s unique and full of emotion with creative shapes.
The production process is: design-proofing-proofing-finalizing-cutting-trimming-engraving-(polishing) painting-protective layer-back sheet-quality inspection-inner packaging-outer packaging (boxing), float plate is often used The production of white glass or artificial crystal glass requires outstanding process value.

Aluminum alloy
The surface color of the aluminum alloy photo frame is processed by electroplating technology. The colors are frosted, bright sandblasted, champagne sandblasted, and bright silver.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, crystal photo frames are more and more loved by people due to their unique features such as crystal clear and good visual effects.

Resin photo frame uses resin as the main raw material and is a non-toxic environmentally friendly chemical raw material. The finished product has the strength of metal, also known as FRP. In production, the resin raw material is liquid, has very good fluidity and is easy to be molded. It is the only material on the market today that can produce high-strength carved products.
The surface of the resin photo frame has a hand-painted color effect. The appearance is carved by hand, polished by hand, and so on. The product is in the European classical style, which is a classic tempered by history. It has a strong humanistic atmosphere! Integrating modern art and antique art, it is very suitable for use in living rooms, hotels, offices and other places. It not only plays a decorative role, but also reflects the elegant taste of the owner.

PVC class
The PVC photo frame uses imported environmentally friendly plastic raw materials.
Plants and cartoon images with clear hierarchy. Strong three-dimensional sense, generally used for advertising promotion!

Plant ecology
The so-called botanical ecological photo frame is a creative handicraft synthesized by using the magical “space plant”-air pineapple and natural mountain stone landscaping.
The plant ecological frame can be placed on the desktop or hung on the wall. Pure handicrafts, subverting the definition of traditional photo frames.

Function and characteristics

The colors of photo frames are more and more dazzling, but as long as you follow a certain color matching principle, it is still easy to choose. Of course, color itself has no meaning, and some people just give it. But colors can affect people’s psychology and affect people’s emotions unconsciously, so some people add specific meanings to various colors:

Red: Powerful, festive colors, which can easily make people feel excited, is a magnificent spiritual manifestation.
Yellow: The brightest color, it feels very warm and brilliant!
Green: beautiful, elegant, giving people a sense of generosity and tolerance.
Blue: Timeless and broad, everyone can look at the sky! It feels calm and sensible.
Purple: Little MMs often use this color, which gives people a sense of mystery and oppression.



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