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Polycarbonate (PC for short) is a high molecular polymer containing carbonate groups in its molecular chain. PC has good physical and chemical properties and is widely used in building materials, automotive, medical, electronic and electrical industries.


Polycarbonate (PC for short) is a high molecular polymer containing carbonate groups in the molecular chain. According to the structure of the ester group, it can be divided into many types such as aliphatic, aromatic, and aliphatic-aromatic.

Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic resin whose name is derived from its internal CO3 group. Can be synthesized from bisphenol A and carbon oxychloride (COCl2). The more commonly used method is the melt transesterification method (bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate are synthesized by transesterification and polycondensation).


The main advantage
1. With high strength and coefficient of elasticity, high impact strength, wide temperature range;
2. High transparency and free dyeing;
3. Low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability;
4. Good fatigue resistance;
5. Good weather resistance;
6. Excellent electrical characteristics.

Main performance
1. Mechanical properties: high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, and small creep (very little change under high temperature conditions);
2. Heat aging resistance: Enhanced UL temperature index reaches 120 ~ 140 ℃ (long-term outdoor aging resistance is also very good);
3. Solvent resistance: no stress cracking;
4. Stability to water: easy to decompose when exposed to water at high temperature (use caution in high temperature and high humidity environment);
5. Electrical performance:
6. Insulation performance: excellent (humidity, high temperature can also maintain stable electrical performance, is an ideal material for manufacturing electronic and electrical parts);



Optical lighting
It is used to make large lampshades, protective glass, left and right eyepiece tubes for optical instruments, etc. It can also be widely used in transparent materials on aircraft.

Electronic appliances
Polycarbonate is an excellent E (120 ° C) insulation material, which is used in the manufacture of insulating connectors, coil frames, sockets, insulating sleeves, telephone casings and parts, battery housings for miner’s lamps, etc. It can also be used to make parts with high dimensional accuracy, such as optical discs, telephones, electronic computers, video recorders, telephone switches, signal relays and other communication equipment. Polycarbonate thin film is also widely used as capacitors, insulating bags, audio tapes, color video tapes and so on.

It is used to manufacture various gears, racks, worm gears, worms, bearings, cams, bolts, levers, crankshafts, ratchets, and can also be used as parts of mechanical equipment housings, covers and frames.

medical equipment
It can be used as cups, cartridges, bottles for medical purposes, as well as dental instruments, medicine containers and surgical instruments, and even artificial organs such as artificial kidneys and artificial lungs.

Other aspects
It is used as hollow reinforced double wall panels, greenhouse glass, etc. in the building; it is used as textile bobbins, textile machinery bushings, etc. in the textile industry; it is used for baby bottles, tableware, toys, models, LED lamp housings and mobile phone housings.

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