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Mica capacitor

Mica capacitors refer to capacitors that use natural mica as the dielectric in the capacitor. Its shape is mostly square, and its pressure resistance and performance are quite good. However, the capacity of mica capacitors cannot be too large due to the influence of dielectric materials, and the cost is higher than other capacitors.


Type:Mica Capacitor
Rated Voltage:2000V
Operating Temperature:-55~+125°C
Application:RF / Microwave


The so-called mica capacitors are capacitors that use natural mica as the dielectric between the capacitors. The manufacturing method is: use metal foil or spray a silver layer on the mica sheet as the electrode plate. Powder or sealed in epoxy resin.


① The capacity range is not wide, generally between 10 ~ 51000pF.

② High stability, high reliability, and can be made into high-precision capacitors.

③ The inherent inductance is small, it is not easy to age, and the frequency characteristics are stable. It is one of the high-frequency capacitors with excellent performance.

④ High insulation resistance, generally up to 1000 ~ 7500MΩ.

⑤ Good temperature characteristics, the ambient temperature is generally in the range of -55 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

⑥ The dielectric loss is small, and the loss tangent value is generally.

Rhenium is more expensive and has been gradually replaced by ceramic capacitors and organic film capacitors in recent years.

Function and role

Mica has excellent properties such as high dielectric strength, large dielectric constant, small loss, high chemical stability, good heat resistance, and easy peeling into thin sheets of uniform thickness. Therefore, mica capacitors cannot be replaced by other capacitors.


Capacitors with different structures depend on the method of fixing the mica sheet.
1. Clip type compression molded mica capacitor
The upper and lower layers of the device core group are protection sheets, and in the middle are silver mica sheets and lead-out foils staggered between each layer of mica sheets. The stacked core group is pulled out of the foil by bending to cover and fix the core group, and then the outer leads of the clip, that is, the two electrodes of the capacitor, are finally sealed at the bakelite shell.

2. Through Heart Mica Capacitor
Through-hole type mica capacitors are available in button type and button monolithic type. The electrode is led out from the center and the outer circle, and finally a protective layer is added outside the core group.

3. Monolithic mica capacitor
Asymmetric electrodes are printed on both sides of the silver mica sheet to extend to the end face, and both end faces of the core group lamination sheet are led by silver welding.


Mica capacitors are suitable for high stability and reliability requirements and high frequency and high voltage electronic equipment. Mica capacitors are widely used in places with high requirements on the stability and reliability of capacitors, such as instruments in electronics, power and communication equipment, but also in aerospace, aviation, marine, Rockets, satellites, military electronics, and petroleum exploration equipment.





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