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Intermediate relay

The intermediate relay is a multi-purpose automatic telecontrol electrical appliance in the relay protection and automatic control system. The intermediate relay has good electrical isolation. To make the controller and the controlled party no electrical connection, and achieve the purpose of safety control.


Theory:Electromagnetic Relay
Protect Feature:Sealed
Contact Load:HIGH Power
Function:power Relay


Intermediate relay: used in relay protection and automatic control systems to increase the number and capacity of contacts. It is used to transfer intermediate signals in the control circuit.


1.The intermediate relay is composed of a number of high-quality sealed small relays with low coil voltage. It is moisture-proof, dust-proof, continuous line, and has high reliability. It overcomes the shortcomings of the electromagnetic type intermediate relay.

2. Low power consumption, low temperature rise, no need to attach high-power resistors, can be installed and wired arbitrarily.

3.The relay contact has a large capacity and a long working life.

4.After the relay is activated, there is a light-emitting tube indication, which is convenient for on-site observation.

5.The delay only needs to be set with the dial switch on the panel, the delay precision is high, and the delay range can be arbitrarily set within 0.02-5.00S.


1.The coil is installed on the “U” shaped magnetizer. There is a movable armature on the magnetizer. Two rows of contact springs are installed on both sides of the magnetizer. In the non-operating state, the contact dome lifts the armature upward to maintain a certain gap between the armature and the magnetizer. When the electromagnetic torque between the air gap exceeds the reaction torque, the armature is attracted to the magnet, and at the same time, the armature presses the contact spring to make the normally closed contact open and the normally open contact closed to complete the relay. When the electromagnetic torque is reduced to a certain value, due to the reaction torque of the contact spring, the contact and the armature return to the initial position, ready for the next work.

2.The “U” shaped magnet of this relay adopts double iron core structure, that is, coils can be installed on both side columns.

3.The principle of the intermediate relay is the same as that of the AC contactor, which is composed of a fixed iron core, a moving iron core, a spring, a moving contact, a static contact, a coil, a terminal and a housing.


Static type
Static intermediate relays are used in various protection and automatic control circuits. This type of relay is composed of electronic components and precision small relays. It is the first choice for the replacement of power series intermediate relays.

Electromagnetic type
When the excitation amount applied by the relay coil is equal to or greater than its action value, the armature is attracted to the magnet, and at the same time, the armature presses the contact spring to make the contact on, off or switch the controlled circuit. When the coil of the relay is de-energized or the amount of excitation is reduced to less than its return value, the armature and contact piece return to their original positions.





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