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HIPS is a thermoplastic material made of elastomer-modified polystyrene. This general-purpose product has a wide range of impact properties and processability, making it widely used.


For high-impact polystyrene, a small amount of polybutadiene is bonded to the polystyrene matrix. It has a “sea island structure”, the matrix is plastic, and the dispersed phase is rubber. High impact polystyrene, also known as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made of elastomer-modified polystyrene.

HIPS has two basic processes: batch and continuous processes. Both processes generally use prepolymerization first. After the prepolymerization is completed, the polymerization is continued in a suspended form in a batch process, and the polymerization is performed in a solution form in a continuous process. Therefore, the batch process is also called bulk suspension process, and the continuous process is also called solution process.


1. Impact-resistant polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin;
2. Odorless, odorless, hard material, good dimension stability after forming;
3.Excellent high dielectric insulation;
4. Non-quality low-absorbent material;
5. Its gloss is good and easy to paint.



Because of its ease of manufacture and low cost, HIPS is widely used in many appliances and industries. Major industries and markets include packaging, disposables, appliances and consumer appliances, toys and entertainment, construction products and decorations. The biggest single application of HIPS is packaging, especially in the food industry. Consumption in the world exceeds 30%.

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