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Glass Wool Tube

Glass wool pipe has excellent fire, water and sound insulation properties. It is specially used for the insulation of various pipelines.


Glass wool belongs to a category of glass fiber and is an artificial inorganic fiber. Glass wool is a material that melts molten glass to form a cotton-like material. Its chemical composition belongs to glass and is an inorganic fiber. It has good molding, small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound absorption, and corrosion resistance.  Glass wool tube is a tube-like material formed by applying adhesive to glass wool and curing by heating.


Glass wool tube has several features

Waterproof performance: glass wool pipe has waterproof ability and strongly prevent chemical corrosion.

Soundproof performance: Glass wool pipe can absorb the surrounding noise to achieve sound insulation.

Good looking and durability with Aluminum foil and fireproof.



Glass wool tube is specially used for the insulation of various pipelines (including: freezing, hot water, steam), and can work normally at ambient temperature of -4 °C – 454 °C, exposed and concealed.

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