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Fuse Components

Fuse holder refers to the seat used to install fuses. It has the characteristics of current resistance, voltage resistance, and fire resistance. It is widely used in the connection of home appliances, industrial machinery wiring harnesses, home appliance control boards, and automotive appliances.


Fuse components refers to the seat used to install fuses. Fuse holders can be divided into panel-mounted fuse holders, PCB-mounted fuse holders, lead-type fuse holders, rail-type fuse holders, and automotive fuse holders.


The fuse components is resistant to current, voltage, and fire.



Panel mount fuse holder (mostly used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifiers, DVDs, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment);

Leaded fuse holder (mostly used for connection of small appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness);

PCB fuse holder (mostly used on small appliance control board) and fuse clip (mostly used on small appliance control board).

Automotive fuse holders can be divided into leaded automotive fuse holders (on multi-purpose automotive and industrial machinery wiring harnesses);

Panel mount automotive fuse holders (mostly used in automotive appliances, such as automotive amplifiers, automotive refrigerators, automotive DVDs, etc.) and automotive fuse clips.

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