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Fireworks & Firecrackers


Fireworks and firecrackers are made with pyrotechnics as the main raw material. After being ignited, they will produce light, sound, color, shape, smoke and other effects through combustion or explosion. They are used for viewing and are flammable and explosive. The environmental hazards of fireworks and firecrackers are mainly air pollution and noise pollution.


According to the structure and composition, the movement trajectory and the discharge effect, fireworks and firecracker products are divided into the following 9 categories.
(1) Firecrackers: The main body explodes (the main body is broken or exploded) when it is released, but does not lift off, producing explosion sounds, flashes and other effects. Products that are mainly auditory.
(2) Spraying flowers: Products that are mainly sprayed with flames, sparks, and sounds (sounding beads) during discharge.
(3) Rotating products: products whose main body rotates but does not lift off during discharge.
(4) Lift-off category: the product whose main body is oriented or rotated during discharge.
(5) Spit beads: Products that emit colored beads, colored flowers, sounds, etc. from the same cylinder regularly when they are discharged.
(6) Toys: low-altitude products with various forms and relatively small movement ranges, which produce sparks, smoke, and popping sounds when they are released. There are toy shapes, incense-type, friction-type, and smoke-type products.
(7) Fireworks: The projectiles and effect parts can emit various light colors, flower patterns or other effects when they are launched from the launch tube (single tube, including special launch tube) into the sky or waters.
(8) Shelf fireworks: Products that are fixed on a shelf device in a hanging form, and when they are fired, they spray flames and sparks to form subtitles, patterns, waterfalls, people, landscapes and other pictures. Divided into waterfalls, subtitles, patterns and so on.
(9) Combination fireworks: a product made up of two or more small fireworks, spray flowers, and beads of the same or different types of fireworks.



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