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Fibrillated artificial turf

Fibrillated artificial turf has good U.V. resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance. Height Polyethylene Artificial Grass has interlocking edge to allow perfect installation.


Fibrillated artificial turf is made of artifical turf, shock-absobing pad and polyurethane glue, by the process of adhesion, repression and triming. All material are 100% enviroment-friendly. Backing:PP cloth + net cloth Coating:Latex or PU.


Fibrillated artificial turf has several features:
√ Newest product, best quality
√ Useful life 8 years, could be used outdoor or indoor
√ 4 tones, looks more like nature grass
√ All weather use, with good water permeability
√ 100% recycled environment friendly
√ Good U.V. resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance.
√ Fire proof drainage well



Fibrillated artificial turf can be used in Garden, sports field, stadium.

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