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Electric Trolley Lifting Hoist

Main Features

1. Adopt urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch with position limit. Protection class up to IP54, with thermal protection device.

2. Lifting hook can rotate 360degree

3. Excellent control characteristics, minimal setting force required, designed for one-handed operation.
4. Drop-forged, heat-treated suspension hook and load hook mounted on swivel steel balls with safety latches.
5. Motor insulation is B, magnetic single-phase. Double hook use, single hook use
6. Caged roller bearings on drum center shaft
7. Mini electric hoist speed can reach 10 m / min, the initial design rope length is 12 meters (longer can be customized), the hook specially designed with advanced settings, greatly increases the lifting weight of the mini electric hoist.
8. Simple structure, easy installation, small size, and single-phase power as a power source.

9. It can be applied in all kinds of locations in industry, business, handicraft industry and service  industry not only on the overhead rails, but also be used in conjunction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as the single-girder crane, the double-girder crane, the cantilever crane and the gantry crane.

Product Description

1. small electric winch 220v electrical hoist crane 500kg Introduction

It has emergency stop switch and forced open limit switch. The protection class is IP54, and has thermal protection device.

2. small electric winch 220v electrical hoist crane 500kg Main specifications 

1)The emergency stop switch

2)Upper limit function

3)Thermal protection terminal

4)Protection class IP54

5)Insulation class B

6)Group of mechanisms M1

7)Work Duty: S3-25%-10min

8)Rated Volt: 220/230V ~ 50Hz

9)Rated Current: 2.0A

10)Input Power: 550W

11)Lifting Weight: 100kg (Single-line), 200kg (Double-line)

12) Lifting Height: 12m (Single-line), 6m (Double-line)

13)Lifting Speed: 10m/min (Single-line), 5 m/min (Double-line)

14)Diameter of wire rope: 3.0mm

15)Tensile strength of wire rope ≥ 1870N/mm2


1.Simple structure, easy to install, small and exquisite

2.It is suitable for various occasions, and can raise the goods below 1000kg, which is especially suitable for lifting heavy goods from the lower floors to high floors of tall buildings.

3.It adopts 220V civil power supply, especially suitable for daily use, industrial production line, freight logistics etc.

Widely used in many places, such as the Terra-Cotta Warriors.

1.Fixed device: thickened steel, high affordability, convenient installation.
2.Motor shell: it is made of aluminum alloy, can protect the durability of the motor effectively.
3.Lifting hook: a high-strength die forging hook.
4.Limiter: When the lifting objects reaches the limiter, it will automatically stop running.
5.Power supply: home 220V power.
6.High-quality CCC certified wire: thicker CCC certified wire, safe operation, durable longevity.
7.High-quality anti-rotation wire rope: thicker and solid wire rope, high bearing capacity and will not break.
8.Motor: twined by copper wire,fast dissipation, high temperature resistance.
9.Thermal protection device: Protection class IP54, the motor runs some time later, it will automatically power off.
10.Packing: Carton box and foam inside, transport safely.

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