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Decorative Flowers & Wreaths


The garland was originally made of natural plant materials such as flowers, grass, wicker, etc., woven into a ring and worn on the head as a decoration.

People not only maintain the pursuit of beauty, but also pay attention to nature protection, so there are many garlands made of artificial materials such as paper and cloth.

Garlands were originally made of flowers. The garland becomes a garland because its material is made of flowers. There are many materials such as: paper, cloth, etc.


The types and placement of plants used in garlands and flower decoration vary depending on the application. For example, the front edge of the stage or podium should be based on neat evergreen potted foliage plants; celebratory gatherings can appropriately add colorful potted flowers, flower baskets or flower arrangements; corners of the exhibition hall and the space between the stands can be made of evergreen medium and large potted trees Decoration; public meeting rooms, restaurants, retreats, rest rooms of recreational facilities, etc., can be decorated with a variety of colorful potted flowers and plants; windowsills, coffee tables can be decorated with flower arrangements or bonsai; the workplace can be arranged with evergreen foliage plants ; Houses can place small and medium-sized potted trees or potted flowers on the window sill, balcony, or flower stand at the corner; on the large pane or Bogu-type spacer, miniature bonsai, cactus, etc. can be displayed.



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