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A346 G80 forged Master Link assembly

Product Description

1.Material: Forged Super Alloy Steel.

2.100% tested at 2.5 times working load limit.

3.100% magnaflux crack detection.

4.breaking test

5.for chain slings:minimun ulitimate load is 4 times the working load limiti.

6.For stee; rope sling:minimum ulotomate load is 5 times the working load limit.

7.all sizes:there will be pressing flat only on the request.

8.All sizes are forged!

1) Before each use, the operator must perform a safety inspection on the sling and use it only after being qualified;

2) The sling must be inspected regularly by professionals (trained qualified personnel) every month;

3) If it is found that the dimensional wear of the sling is greater than 5% of the original size, it must be replaced in time;

4) If it is found that the amount of dimensional deformation exceeds 3% of the original size, it must be replaced in time to ensure safety.

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