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What is the difference between resistance spark plugs and ordinary spark plugs?

“Resistance spark plug” is anti-static and has good ignition performance; “Ordinary spark plug” generally has no resistance, and the spark plug with resistance has a letter R on it.

The cause of the resistance spark plug: the ignition of the spark plug 21 times per second while the car is running. According to the design principle of the spark plug, it can be known that each time the ignition occurs, the inner core of the spark plug will pass a strong current. In this way, the spark plug generates a magnetic field every time it works. These magnetic fields interfere with all the electrical appliances around the engine, especially that it hurts people a lot. So in the 1920s, people began to use resistance type spark plugs. Initially, resistance spark plugs were used in aviation and military. Later, for environmental reasons, some countries mandated the use of spark plugs in cars.

The electric plate of the spark plug is ignited by repeated power generation to ignite the mixture in the cylinder. At this time, the other parts of the ignition system generate timing high-voltage electric pulses, which form sparks and generate explosions to provide the energy required to power the engine. The structure of the spark plug is made of an elongated metal electric plate passing through a ceramic material with insulation function. The lower part of the insulator is surrounded by a metal material shell, which is screwed on the cylinder head in a screw manner. The bottom of the metal shell is grounded by welding an electrode to the car body. In addition, at the end of the center of this electrode, it must be separated by a small discharge gap.

The high-voltage current from the distributor will be conducted through this central electrode, and then discharged in the discharge gap at the bottom. At this time, the spark plug functions to generate a spark combustion mixture, and the engine receives energy and outputs power.
It can be seen that the spark plug is a device that ignites the gasoline and air mixed gas entering the engine combustion. It works under the severe conditions of high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the wearing parts of the gasoline engine. The important role has a lot to do with whether the car is fuel-efficient or whether it runs smoothly.

The spark plug has resistance because the electronic products in the car have magnetic waves, and the spark plug has resistance to play the role of anti-interference. Without the spark plug with resistance, the computer’s computer motherboard and various electronic products would interfere with the terrible situation of chaos and failure. Use a spark plug with resistance to suppress the harmonics of high-voltage ignition pulses and self-excited oscillations in the circuit, so that the ignition circuit works more stable, reduces external interference, and stabilizes cars and electronics to play their best role.

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