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What material are the spark plugs?

Different types of spark plugs can be divided into common copper cores, yttrium gold, platinum, iridium gold, platinum iridium alloy spark plugs, etc. These types of spark plugs have different service lives and the corresponding replacement mileages are also different.

Generally speaking, under normal use, the service life of ordinary copper-cored spark plugs is 30,000 kilometers, while the service life of precious metal spark plugs is 60,000 to 90,000 kilometers. The maintenance intervals specified by auto manufacturers of different models are not exactly the same, so The specific replacement should also be based on the standards specified by the car manufacturer.

Do not arbitrarily extend the need to choose a machine for replacement. According to the quality of the spark plug, the ordinary spark plug can be changed once every 40,000 kilometers, and the platinum and iridium can be changed once every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers.

Remove the spark plug and observe, and judge the use of the spark plug according to the following appearance colors:

  1. If it is auburn or rust color, it indicates that the spark plug is normal;
  2. If it is stained with oil, it indicates that the spark plug gap is out of adjustment or excessive oil supply, and the high-voltage line is short-circuited or disconnected;
  3. If it is smoked black, it indicates that the hot and cold type of the spark plug is wrongly selected or the mixed gas is thick, and the oil is channeling;
  4. If there is a deposit between the tip and the electrode, if the deposit is oily, it proves that the cylinder oil is not channeled with the spark plug; if the deposit is black, it means that the spark plug deposits carbon and bypass; Misfire caused by additives in gasoline covering electrodes;
  5. If the spark plug is severely ablated, scarring, black lines, cracks, and electrode melting appear at the top, which indicates that the spark plug is damaged and must be replaced immediately.

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