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What is the difference between a starter battery and a traction battery?

First, the role is different

  1. Traction battery: Traction battery is a battery used as the power source of electric traction vehicles or material handling equipment.
  2. Starting battery: When starting the engine, it provides a strong starting current to the starter. When the generator is overloaded, it can assist the generator to supply power to the electrical equipment.

Second, different uses

  1. Traction accumulators: used in mines, stations, docks, postal delivery, milk delivery, and other places to avoid exhaust pollution from internal combustion engines, and short-distance transportation with frequent alternate stoppages.
  2. Starting battery: It is specially used for starting, lighting, ignition (abbreviated as SLI) and power supply of vehicles, ships, and aircraft.

Third, the characteristics are different

  1. Traction battery: It can discharge for a few hours with a small current, and the discharge depth is very deep.
  2. Start-up batteries: Most of the rated batteries have a rated capacity C of about 36 ~ 210A · h, forming a series with a specific energy of 35 ~ 45W · h / kg (based on the 20h discharge rate energy meter); they can be discharged several times as much as C Rate discharge.

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