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What are the core components of electric hoist?

What are the core components of electric hoist?
    1. Lifting motor: The motor is the power source of the chain electric hoist. The standard chain electric hoist uses a high-performance lifting motor with ED40% working efficiency and Class B insulation characteristics.

   2. Double brake system: The brake system is important for lifting equipment. Failure of brakes in the air will cause major accidents. For this reason, our patented electromagnetic brake and mechanical brake system, two complete and independent brake systems not only reduce the possibility of brake failure, but also enhance the safety of the brake and facilitate heat dissipation.

   3. Lifting chain: The chain electric hoist lifting chain adopts Φ7.1mm and Φ11.2mm G80 carburizing hoisting chain. The ultra-high surface hardness and sturdiness make the chain wear less and have longer life. The strong hardened surface of the lifting chain can prevent product damage and softening of the core materials, so that the lifting chain can maintain high performance for a long time. The chain of the electric chain hoist is made of low-carbon alloy steel, which makes the chain more tough, more sturdy and wear-resistant, ensuring safety during work. The chain of electric hoist can also be made longer according to customers’ requirements, making your use more convenient and worry-free.

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